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Aug 12th, 2021

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Startup Sentinel is a super useful tool that lets you easily and quickly optimize the startup speed of your computer.

Its powerful analysis system is able to automatically detect all the programs that routinely startup by themselves when you turn on your computer. Often, if there are a lot of programs starting up at the same time the startup time of your computer becomes slower. Although the solution is as simple as cancelling the ‘start with the system’ option, many times, the programs don’t even let you decide when they should start. That’s when Startup Sentinel comes in handy. Once the programs that startup with your computer are detected, you’ll be able to choose which ones should be blocked until you decide to open them manually.

Block malware and other unwanted programs manually in order to avoid their automatic startup and reduce the startup time of your computer by up to 100%. Startup Sentinel is definitely a really useful tool.
Reviewed by Carlos Borrás Translated by Beatriz Escalante

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Op. System
Start / Registry
KC Software
Aug 12th, 2021

Older versions Mar 29th, 2021
1.8 Sep 28th, 2020 Apr 28th, 2020 Mar 16th, 2020
Feb 9th, 2019
1.7.3 Mar 31rd, 2018
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